First 4 Cylinder Subaru Running 7’s

A 4-cylinder, 6 speed Subaru running 7’s? That’s just bonkers! Congratulations to Rolle and the team that helped push this monster to be the world’s first 4-cylinder Subie in the 7’s! That’s such an incredible [Read More…]

Ariel view of Subaru's new test tracks.

Subaru Completes Two New Test Tracks

Subaru Corp., looking to further advance the safety of their vehicles, has finished constructing two new test tracks in Japan. The new test tracks will be put to full use for the development of advanced driver [Read More…]


Mazda Patents New Retractable Wing

Mazda has patented a new retractable wing design. While the concept itself isn’t anything new, an active rear wing that increases downforce, the Japanese automaker’s idea would extend outward and upward rather than just rising from the [Read More…]