Subaru Completes Two New Test Tracks

Ariel view of Subaru's new test tracks.

Subaru Corp., looking to further advance the safety of their vehicles, has finished constructing two new test tracks in Japan. The new test tracks will be put to full use for the development of advanced driver assist technologies from November 2017.

Ariel view of Subaru's test tracks
Ariel view of Subaru’s test tracks

Subaru’s Bifuka Proving Ground was established in 1995 as a development facility for conducting performance evaluations in cold climates and driving tests on snow. The 892-acre site includes a variety of test courses and handling courses designed to simulate public roads. These test tracks are used to conduct a variety of tests throughout the year.

A new 2.6-mile high-speed circuit features curves simulating those found on expressways, merging and diverging lanes, a multilane track to simulate a four-lane road and a concrete paved road “simulating North American freeway surfaces,” Subaru said.

Existing test tracks at the Bifuka Proving Ground have also been upgraded to build the new Advanced Driver Assist Technologies Test Tracks, to bring the test’s conditions closer to that of actual public roads. Details of the upgrades to the test tracks are listed below.

High-speed circuit

  • Existing high-speed course upgraded to bring it closer to actual road conditions
  • New gentle curves simulating those on intercity expressways
  • New merging and diverging lanes simulating interchanges and service areas on intercity expressways
  • New multi-lane track simulating a four-lane road
  • New concrete paved road simulating North American freeway surfaces

Urban road course

  • New urban road course simulating two-way traffic on roads with one lane each way
  • Road forms designed to resemble actual road conditions, including intersections with and without turning lanes, guiding zones (zebra zones)
  • A roundabout intersection like those found in Europe and other countries

Other facilities

  • The general test tracks have been expanded and new functions added, and the roads inside the proving ground have been expanded.
  • The proving ground’s administration building has been rebuilt.

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