Worlds First 7 second Sport FWD Civic

This Honda Civic is unbelievable! It has a 2.oL B-series pushing around 1400 Hp, it’s front wheel drive, and it’s running 7’s at over 185mph making it the fastest Sport Front Wheel Drive pass ever. “Sport Front Wheel Drive?” you may be asking. Sport FWD is a drag racing class in which the cars must retain their original chassis, suspension mounting points, and interior from the front seat forward. Other restrictions include turbos being limited to 72.9 mm, a 2,400 pound weight limit (they may be lighter at the expense of a smaller turbo, 67.9 mm), the retention of an H-pattern shifter, and a maximum tire size of 25 x 9.5 inches.

Kudos to Ramey Racing and everybody that helped get this car to where it is. And congratulations on becoming the fastest Sport FWD car in the world. That’s quite an impressive accomplishment!

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