Toyota Launches New GR Sub-Brand

Image Credit: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing

Toyota has announced that it will launch the GR Series sub-brand in Japan. GR is a reference to Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsport department. Cars from the sub-brand will fall into one of three performance categories; The top end GRMN, which is a reference to Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring, the mid-tier GR, and the entry-level GR Sport. Toyota will also offer aftermarket GR Parts.

The base GR Sport models add a sportier suspension tune, additional bracing, a unique tachometer, black shifter, aluminum pedals, and a smaller steering wheel. The GR models get an even more aggressive suspension tune with Sachs shocks, additional spot welding and bracing, a smaller steering wheel, and a manual shift mode in CVT models that mimics a 10-speed automatic. Then there’s the GRMN, these cars will be limited editions and feature the most extensive upgrades. The first of which, the Yaris GRMN, comes with a 1.8-liter supercharged inline-4, a limited-slip differential, sport seats, Sachs shock absorbers, and 17 inch BBS alloy wheels.

Along with the GR Series launch, Toyota will also launch the GR Garage shop as a place for auto enthusiasts to gather. They will replace the Area 86 shops in Japan, totaling 39 GR Garage locations.


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