Irwindale Avoids Shut Down

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In its last weeks before shutting down, Iriwindale Speedway and Event Center has received new life once again.  A new lease was signed Thursday evening giving Irwindale at least two more seasons of operation.

Slated to shut down after January 31, 2018, the track escaped its fate thanks to a new lease led by Agoura Hills racer Tim Huddleston and his Justice Brothers distributorship. The partnership will be called Group of Motorsports Enthusiasts led by Tim Huddleston and Justice Brothers.  The track had previously been leased by Team 211 Entertainment, which held year-to-year leases.

 “After years of year-to-year leases, we just turned the page,” said Team 211 Entertainment CEO Jim Cohan. “We began looking at other opportunities.

“I hit pause (when they asked in November), but at that point we were in discussions with Tim and I really liked what he was saying. I fought harder to keep the racing there than anybody.”

An announcement had been made in July about the facility’s January closing.  Although the announcement had been made, Cohan and Huddleston’s group discussed how to keep the track open through sale or a new lease – which was the case when the owners eventually did offer a new lease to Huddleston’s group.  Cohan said he will take on an advisory role. The track staff of about 30 workers, will likely be kept in place.

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